The largest shower cabin factory

The largest shower cabin factory

The largest shower cabin factory

Khaled Abbouda Glass Factory provided shower cabins with high quality materials, with international standard specifications; Because it is considered one of the largest shower cabin factories in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Shower cabins are used in many bathrooms, as they give the bathroom more space for privacy, and add a wonderful aesthetic appearance to the place, and this type of cabin is characterized by the presence of an aluminum frame that prevents water leakage to the outside, and it has a high degree of rigidity and strength Endurance, and when installing shower cabins, their consistency with the bathroom design is taken into account, which is something that many people overlook. Therefore, Khaled Abbouda Glass Factory provides bathroom cabins in different shapes and designs that are unparalleled anywhere. The factory has a team of the largest and most experienced interior designers. high in Egypt.


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