The best double glass

The best double glass

The best double glass

The Egyptian Company for Glass Supply offers the best Dell Glass in Egypt at the best and lowest price. Dell Glass is a group of glass pieces that are assembled in a one-piece system, and are installed in one window, paired with two pieces of glass or three pieces (the triple glass). ).

Double glass features
Double glass has become the most widely used type in Egypt, for several reasons, the most important of which are:

Low energy consumption and heat loss, which leads to reduced electricity consumption.
A good choice for windows, doors and main destinations for companies, large factories and commercial malls.
Silencer, which reduces noise from traffic and street congestion.
Strong heat insulator.
Double-glazed layers have closed spaces on both sides, with an additional layer of width; It is an extra resistance that reduces heat leakage in the winter.
Prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from entering the house.
Good resistance to high temperatures

Double glass in Egypt
In order to keep your home full of warmth and to be able to maintain temperatures, use double-glazed glass, as it has a strong effect in the winter season; It prevents unwanted heat from entering the house, this insulation reduces the use of industrial heaters and air conditioners, which ultimately reduces energy costs... Arab Union Glass offers all its customers the best double glass in Egypt, at the best and lowest price.

Double glass types

The thickness of the glass varies according to the thickness required for work, and the method of double-glazing; For example, installing double-glazed types with two layers of transparent white glass with reflective glass, or with two layers of frosted glass or any other type of glass used in the field of decoration.

As well as the types of crystal glass and the different colors of the glass that are widespread in the market now, and there are other types such as double-vacuum-air refrigerators, and they are used in refrigerators and refrigerators to ensure the highest efficiency in cooling


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