The best bulletproof glass

The best bulletproof glass

The best bulletproof glass

The Egyptian Company for Glass Supply offers the best types of bulletproof glass at the best price in Egypt. Bulletproof glass is used to protect against bullets fired with direct harm or sabotage; Therefore, it requires double protection against this type of attack.

What is bulletproof glass?
Bulletproof glass looks just like a regular glass sheet, but it definitely differs from ordinary glass in many features. The bulletproof glass is able to withstand the impact of several layers of lead, and it depends on the thickness of the lead and the caliber of lead, so bullets will not be able to penetrate it immediately; It takes a large number of bullets to be completely destroyed.

How is bulletproof glass made?
Bullet-resistant glass is manufactured in the Arab Union Glass Factory in several stages, these stages come as follows:

Manufacture of raw materials: They are materials that are used in the manufacture of bulletproof glass, and one of the most important of these materials is polycarbonate, which is resistant to rapid shocks, and another liquid substance capable of turning into a mold that prevents the penetration of lead, and this process does not take more than a fraction of a second.
Manufacturing methods: The manufacturing method varies according to the material in it. If the lamination is made of polycarbonate, the glass will be in the form of layers of this material in addition to the normal glass material.
Test: At this stage, the glass is exposed to several types of weapons such as ivory pistols, and explosive devices to see the impact of severe shocks on this type of glass.
The weight of the glass: The weight of the glass is a very important issue in the manufacturing process, especially when laminating cars. The windshield of a Mercedes SUV, for example, has the ninth degree of lamination and weighs approximately 200 pounds.

The importance of lead-resistant glass
Bullet-resistant glass has many advantages as it is used in:
Car windows, trains, planes, and glass facades.
Military industries, astronomical sciences, and outer space research.
Banks, money transfer cars, jewelry stores, gold or precious goods as a kind of expensive fur and precious exhibits.
Museums and gold shops large and small.g
Bulletproof glass is a multi-layered glass and resin that has very high strength and durability; Because the thickness of the glass is very large compared to ordinary glass, and this type of glass has exactly the same qualities as the Triplex glass in the ability to diversify the colors required when manufacturing, as well as transparency, and clarity of vision as well.

Types of bullet-resistant glass
The types of bulletproof glass vary according to the request and the type of weapon required for protection; There is glass against light weapons and rifles, and various calibers of weapons, even heavy calibers that are used in RPGs and hand grenades, knowing that this type of glass is subjected to many tests in approved centers and armed forces centers to ensure that it is not impermeable to bullets or penetration.

How does bullet-resistant glass work?
When a bullet is fired at bulletproof glass, it penetrates the outer layer of the glass, but the polycarbonate glass material it is made of absorbs most of the bullet's energy and distributes its impact remarkably; Because the bullet's kinetic energy is completely drained; Therefore, you will not be able to get out of the final layer of glass, and this means that the glass has protected the target to be protected, and prevented the bullet from penetrating it.


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